Manjeet Singh Ferozpuria
Daswand Song

Ferozpuria Welfare Society The website visitors of Ferozepuria Humanity Club who have clicked on the donation button are kindly requested and informed that we do not accept donations in cash. All of you are requested to transfer the Society account directly and visit our trust, meet these needy people and contribute to the hospital bills, building materials, rations and clothing or through any of your relatives or acquaintances as per your convenience. . Can help Yes brothers, you can become a member of Ferozpuria Welfare Society team by providing us the required information for which you can contact us on 90274-00004. You will be guided to become a registered member so that you can contribute through electronic banking wherever you are worldwide. Thank you for your NGO contribution. Our team assures you that the service you render will always be used to help families in need.

In Sikhism, the word “Sewa” refers to a selfless service for altruistic purposes on behalf of, and for the betterment of, the community. It is a means to promote humility and demote egoism. Ferozpuria Humanity club , translating to a group that serves humanity, is a Medical Service NGO in the Amritsar City Punjab, India. They serve and treat the ill, the helpless, the homeless, those who are engulfed in the struggles of poverty and those who as a result cannot afford medical treatment, by the means of providing them with shelter and free medical care. This NGO was started by and was completely funded initially by a man named Manjit Singh Ferozpuria,He runs it with a group of volunteers, who now rely on and utilize their own income and donations to keep it running as it grows. I’ve never met this guy and unfortunately wasn’t able to when I went to India last summer, but I have the utmost of respect for him and what he’s doing. In a country where poverty is at its highest, we need more humans like him

Club Account <> Axis Bank 🏦

Ferozpuria Humanity Club

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